ATO Monthly Newsletter – ATO Diversity in focus communication update April 2015

Your identity is important – protect it!


Are you confident your personal information is secure?

John Becker, Chief Information Security Officer at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), says Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) and the #2015PAW theme is a reminder to everyone to practice privacy every day.

John highlights “in this digital age protecting your personal information and guarding against identity crime should be essential components of our everyday life.

“It’s crucial that you protect yourself online, be careful what information you share on social media and be aware of the security on your mobile devices. Don’t allow your tax file number (TFN) and important personal details like your date of birth, bank account details and access numbers to be easy pickings for identity thieves.

“Remember that identity thieves can make your life a misery, running up huge bills, or committing tax or other fraud, leaving you to pick up the pieces emotionally and financially.”

To also reduce the chances of scammers accessing your ATO account and information, the ATO has introduced voice authentication to their phone systems. This extra layer of security means you can use your voiceprint to verify your identity when you call the ATO.

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